Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As most of you know, my hubby is back from Guatemala. During his time there, he enjoyed the warm sunshine and 70 degree temperatures. I silently cursed him (well maybe not TOO silently) as the snow fell, and the temperatures fell right along with it here in Central Maine during his absence.

It was only natural that he come back to Maine during a cold snap. As he waited in the frigid air for two hours outside of Logan Airport in Boston he began to wish he was back in Central America. His brother in law's vehicle had broken down, so he had to wait for a back up driver to pick him up and bring him to Providence, which was about 45 minutes away, so he could get his car and share the wonderful Guatemalan fried chicken (Pollo Campero) with his sister and her hungry family.

At first, when he came home, all was well. Then the sneezing began. Followed by the clearing of the throat, the runny eyes and snorting of the nose. I honestly tried to stay as far away from him as I could, but even a king sized bed has its limits. I warned him not to make me sick, because when I get it, I usually get a sinus infection to go right along with it. Which means a trip to the doctor's and a Z Pack for good measure.

Being a man, he whined and wanted me to wait on him hand and foot. I gently reminded him that was what his mama had done the past 3 weeks and that he'd returned home. Once that reality was stuck in his brain, he realized that getting me to do anything remotely nurselike was not going to work. So I made him PROMISE not to make me sick. I even asked him to pinky swear, just like my 8 yr old does when she really wants me to promise her something. But I don't think that was a good idea. That damn pinky had to have been carrying some sort of germ because sure enough, within hours I was sniffling and miserable.

As I write this, my sinuses feel like they have reached their limits. I've resorted to shoving Vick's vapor rub in my nostrils and could probably rival the neighborhood coke head fix for fix. My daughter says I'm offensive, I say I can't smell anything anyways so she has to live with it. We're in the middle of yet another snowstorm and a Z pack is not in my immediate future. So I suffer. And inhale more Vick's.

Hubby is still sick as well. I'm trying to keep away from the kids and the baby, because a whole houseful of sick people is NOT a fun house. And if mama stays sick, nothing gets done. So I am putting the over the counter stuff to me while I wait to see what course this virus is going to run. For the next few days, it will be rest, sleep, and trying to get rid of this thing. I'm off to bed for the night-although I might stay up awhile longer if I can't breathe. Have a good night everyone, and stay healthy!


All My Yesterdays said...

Oh Michele, so sorry to hear the sickies hit you and the hubby! And ya, it's always worse when the lady of the house gets sick...everything stops! Hopefully no one else will get it....
My cure-all has always been Mentholatum..aka Vicks..same thing. I slather it on from lower chest to nose and care less how I smell. Hope it helps you.
Get better and know I'm thinking of ya..

my2boyz said...

Have you ever tried a Neti Pot?? I use to get sinus infections all the time. Not anymore! I Neti Pot once a week..it seems nasty and at first in sort of is but it is so worth it!

KMfamily ;-) said...

Hi Creative Writings 101,
Thanks for hopin over.
So sorry to hear you are sick ;(
& yes you are right =when Mom is sick "nothing gets done".
Get well & best of luck to you on my giveaway!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Hey there!! I noticed you started following my blog recently, thank you so much. Your "about me" was VERY interesting LOL!!!

I'm loving the blog, consider me a follower ;)

Expat Mom said...

Ugh, sick is not good! I find it hilarious that he brought Pollo Campero chicken back with him. It's NOT that good . . . but Guatemalans are crazy for the stuff. :S My boys devour it like they haven't eaten in a week every time we go. Weird.