Saturday, November 7, 2009


Lately life has been so busy it only seems like I have time to blog on the weekends... It is funny how there are never enough hours in the day to do what you NEED to do-and by the time you do them, you are too darn pooped to do the things you WANT to do!

I still can't believe we have snow on the ground here. Earlier this week it snowed and although it has melted quite a bit it still lingers on the sides of the roads and in the yards. Yesterday my son, his girlfriend and Deja played out in the yard making snowmen. I came home from lunch to find two huge snowmen in front of where I park my car. This being a family blog and all, I did not take any photos when I saw that my teen son made his snowman "truly a man" in that he made him anatomically correct. I saw him waiting in his window with a big smile as I pulled into the yard and saw what he had done. (lucky for him, his sister did NOT) Said appendage was promptly removed and I threatened to turn my son into a Eunich if he so much as attempted building another anatomically correct snowman again. Unfortunately for me, the lady next door had let her daughter out into the yard and her daughter saw something she probably shouldn't have. These people are kind of funny in some ways, and I thought for sure she would flip a lid. But since she lets her 2 year old son run around the yard buck naked in the summertime in the middle of the hood I am sure his 4 year old sister knew exactly what she was looking at. But at least she didn't complain to me... which was a relief. Nothing against anatomically correct snowmen of course, but my son made the stupid thing look like it combined a few Viagra with some Extenz lol (hubby smiled when he saw it... he thought it was a hoot. And I am sure Fedex and UPS and the mailman who all showed up that day enjoyed it as well.)

So I am off to do laundry, and then work some OT tomorrow. Hubby is off in RI buying me some chiles rellenos, tamales and other Guatemalan foods bless his heart. Have a great weekend everyone!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm laughing out loud over that snowman! Good thing you came home on time :-)

lmarroquin_68 said...

i want some of those chillie!!!!!

pk said...

We've had snow a couple of times already too - thankfully it's gone right now. Hope you had a good weekend!