Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update on Surgery and My Crazy Past Week

Hey everyone! Thought I would take a few minutes to post before I head to bed in a few. At times, I really can't believe how dumb I can be... lol. I just realized that the posts that I did of my reviews before surgery did not post like they were supposed to- they are still sitting there, waiting for me to hit the publish post button I guess. I actually was trying to automate my posts so something would come up every day, even if I didn't WRITE every day-but I dunno what happened!

So I will get to those within the next day or so, and find out what the heck I did, and read them over to make sure they are fine before hitting the publish button. Which is probably a good thing because my teen son was checking out my blog and knowing him, he might have gone into a post and changed a few things around to play a funny little joke on mom. That could make my posts VERY interesting!

I'm healing nicely from surgery-hard to believe it has been a week already. I will know in 3 mos or so if the surgery worked for me, and if Aunt Flo will never return or if she will pay a brief visit instead. If I never see her again that will be just fine with me! I still am not lifting much and bending over is still pretty tender so I try to avoid it. Also, I am still super tired-when the nurse called for the follow up I told her I was really feeling my age since this surgery kicked me in the butt because I was feeling so darn tired. I guess the Vicodin don't help either ;) but I have been trying to stay away from those things.

Monday was another busy day with work and mom having her dental surgery. She had a huge cyst removed and went into full blown panic mode when her face started swelling and she couldn't breathe. The cyst had spread into her sinuses and the oral surgeon did send it to pathology, he said it looked benign and that is what we are hoping for. Hubby took her to her surgery and on the way back he called me to tell me that she was bleeding quite a bit. Apparently, one of the instructions was NOT to blow your nose. And the first thing mom did when she got out in the car was blow her nose! Monday afternoon ended up being spent in the ER while they checked it out, and gave her this tampon looking thingy that they stuck up her nose to plug it and it had meds to help form a clot. Oh yeah, and the anxiety pills-can't forget those happy pills. Poor mom has never taken those and ended up completely fruit loops. The next day she called me at work and got me pretty alarmed because she was driving to BK for a burger. And she didn't even know the time of day! Stubborn as she is, she went for the damn burger but I told her to get her butt home and picked her up for the rest of the errands we had to do later that evening. And no, she is no longer taking those happy pills. Today she was definitely more herself, in spite of looking like someone punched her in the face. She has a shiner and her mouth and cheek areas are all black and blue.

Well off to bed now! Just wanted to let you all know I am fine and will be sending out giveaway prizes soon now that I am out and about and will be posting a few more giveaways over the weekend so please watch for them! Have a great rest of the week!


lmarroquin_68 said...

sorry to hear things arent well...imoutta work now so if you need me im here..............

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