Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Dreams-Bedroom Set Contest!

Deja is getting to be a big girl, and really needs a big girl bed. Unfortunately, she still has the toddler bed from when she was younger but ends up sleeping most nights in our room with me as her daddy works nights and she gets scared with noises, etc...

We love her, but it is time for this big girl to stay in her own room at nighttime, whether she needs plenty of nightlights or a cat with her on the bed to comfort her. Or even, God forbid-the tv on. She's been in our room since she was born, and it is time we had our privacy too. (not that I am going to kick her out if she comes in crying and scared due to a thunderstorm, bad dream, etc...)

Here she is on our bed, fast asleep after her bedtime story. I would love to get her a nice bedroom set, but I fear I will be spending any extra money this year on home heating oil. (and some new windows too) So, I have entered Deja into a contest they are currently having over at 5minutes for mom ( in the hopes that I can send her off to dreamland in style with a brand new Lily Rose bedroom set. This would make me and my little Princess very happy! Once they have voting available, I would love to have your vote-while I can't make promises like our Presidential Candidates are making, I can say that if you ever need my vote for a contest, I would be happy to return the favor.


queenoftheclick said...

Let us know when to vote. When I was her age, getting a new bedroom set was so exciting. Heck, at my age getting a new bedroom set is still great. Let me know and I will vote for you!

Expat Mom said...

I`ll vote for you, too. I know how you feel about wanting Deja to move into her own room. We`ve hit that point already with Dante, even though he sleeps in a crib, but right beside our bed!

That`s funny about your friend riding on top of a chicken bus. I`ve never done that and probably never will, but I did take the bus once from San Pedro de la Laguna and it goes up this super narrow switchback road and they can`t even TURN. The driver actually does a multi-point turn to get around each corner . . . with the cliff dropping straight down right behind him. Man, I was whiteknuckled that day! My friend wanted to just get out and walk to the top and catch the bus again from there!