Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monopoly-the McDonald's Way

Ewww... a friend sent me this pic in an email. Um, either someone didn't know how to spell or the G fell off... or someone was just being a smarta$$. I kind of think the last one is correct, though.
It was kinda funny, and I can imagine all the people doing double takes as they drove past the sign. Speaking of McD's-Monopoly starts up again on the 7th. Why, oh why do I subject myself to such torture of large drinks, huge fries, just to get game pieces? I dunno, really. I loved it when they had the Best Buy bucks promotion for a few years, and we could save up those bucks for instore or online purchases. The first year was awesome, people got TONS of expensive electronics for free or very nice discounts. The later years it was offered, there were all kinds of stipulations. But it still wasn't a bad promo. Much better than this 25% off something at Footlocker. You can already get that during a good sale, so why buy a huge drink or fry for that extra gamepiece? Now if they let you combine that coupon with a sale price or something, it might be ok, but still how many things can you get at Footlocker? I wish they had made it to a store where they have tons of stuff, like Target, Walmart, Kmart etc... because then it might be worth my while to buy a bigger size for the coupon. Hear that Corporate America?
It looks like tomorrow will be filled with artery clogging fries and a Diet Coke that will have my bladder full for the whole day. Wish me luck-this goes on for a month. And I doubt I will win a big prize, but you just never know. I bet the prizes I win will be: more McD's food. But there is always the hope that you will walk in a peel off a million dollar winner, so I go in, buy my food, send away for some game pieces too (to save my arteries from clogging completely that month) and win... and if I hit the million? Well, like the rest of America, I will pay off debt. But also set some aside for the liposuction I am gonna need from eating all that food! Hey, if ya won something, let me know-even if it's an apple pie!

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queenoftheclick said...

OMG that picture is hilarious. My sweetie loves playing the game too. I don't want him eating McD's food so I try to make more appetizing food at home so that he just buys the fries. This way it's not too too unhealthy.