Thursday, December 5, 2013

I've had better days... and my husband is to blame. Not that I blame him completely, since he was a victim as well. A victim of what, you ask? A virus. You know the kind of virus I am talking about. The nasty, coughing, filled up with mucus I feel-like-I-just-got-run-over-by-a-truck virus you get maybe once or twice a year if you are NOT so lucky. I blame his boss. And I hope he is reading this. I mean, seriously, what responsible adult will cough and hack up a lung all over your co-worker and their lunch and not cover their mouth? Did he feel the need to share the love? Maybe he will feel the need to dig into his pocket to cover the week of work hubby missed without pay? Not like that is going to So after a week of feeling like crap, missing Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house, trying not to infect my coworkers or clients I ended up at the Dr. office today where I asked for and received (after some convincing) cough medicine with codeine. You know, like back in the day-the kind that was easy enough to get with a quick prescription or to sign for at the pharmacy counter. I miss those days. Nowadays you have to show a drivers license, and sign some paperwork, and are limited on how much you can get. God forbid I need a refill. As the week comes to an end... hoping you all have a great upcoming weekend (not too many days left before Christmas-yikes!) Mine will be busy at my daughter's birthday party on Saturday at the local bowling alley. (both my children are December babies so I have it super busy during the holidays) Hopefully will have some pics up of the party this weekend soon!

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