Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review-Out of the Box Sampler

I love sample boxes-I don't know what it is about them... I just find it super fun to open up a box filled with surprises and maybe even find a new vendor or two that I really love. I love buying handmade items and discovering new vendors as well. A couple of years ago I ordered a couple of the Out of the Box Sampler boxes for myself and my daughter as a treat. I immediately fell in love with all the awesome products I found in my boxes, but it had been awhile since I last ordered and was thrilled when I was lucky enough to win a blog giveaway featuring their May box! One thing I love about this box is that there is a sheet enclosed that has the vendors that are in the boxes (mine was the regular box, which had some samples from some vendors, but not ALL vendors-rest assured, they DO have a few of those super big boxes too that have something from every vendor but they go quick!) I was able to compare the vendors I had in the boxes along with the sheet enclosed and see if the vendor was offering any specials on the products. Often times along with the sample you also get a business card stating who the vendor is, and they might even have other offers or coupon codes for future purchases there too. As you can see, the box comes loaded with samples and goodies-lots of surprises for everyone. From full sized votive candles to earrings, magnets, bottle cap necklaces, generous sample sized portions of soap, cards, and other fun items (candy and lollipops too!) there is something in the box to make everyone happy. I was glad to see that although I hadn't ordered myself in a while the quality of the boxes was the same as I knew from before, and although there are always a few samples you may not like or enjoy, someone else may so you can always give them to someone who may enjoy them. The good thing is that you can review the items you received in your box and get in the running for a contest to win a free box the next month. Sometimes even the vendors graciously donate additional items as part of their blog giveaways too. You can actually find their website here which will give you more information about their boxes. You should be aware that the boxes usually come out around the first week of the month and go quickly, so if you sign up for their emails (which I already receive) you get a heads up about when they are up for sale and also any contests they may have going on. Disclosure: I received a free May 2013 Out of the Box Sampler as a blog giveaway prize. In the past, I have also ordered from them personally and enjoyed my experience/products received.


mail4rosey said...

I think these kinds of things are neat because they do help you find things you like (or don't) without costing you a fortune.

Michele P. said...

I agree! Sometimes you will get full sized products or sometimes you will get just enough for a sample or two. I know it has helped me find new vendors that I like. Thanks for the comment!