Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deja's 11th Birthday!

Wow... it seems like almost yesterday I had my daughter. And to think, she turned 11 on December 7th... that young girl is now becoming a young woman. Of course, she will ALWAYS be my baby lol. But from what I have heard, a tween and teen daughter can be a handful...raging hormones, the arrival of "Aunt Flo" and the discovery of BOYS. She's already turning into a budding Fashionista-and has informed me of what is totally cool...and what isn't. Gone are the days I could pick out her little cute outfits, she now is into fashion. That means shopping. She's even been able to incorporate a little of her grandmother's clothing and mine (think 60's and 80's folks) into her wardrobe with some newer pieces to create whole new "cool" outfits that her friends in school compliment her on. I just knew that her birthday outfit needed to be special. For that, she chose black ribbed leggings (Kohls)and a women's medium beige top with beige sequins. (JCP) She also found the coolest (she says) pair of high top side zippered leopard sneakers at JCP which she HAD to have. Apparently, all went well-because 2 other budding Fashionistas promptly oohed and aahed over her outfit and stated they too were heading to buy those exact sneakers this weekend. Now, the latest fashion accessory seems to be boots. Since she isn't into high heels yet-the black Bearpaws she received made her happy. And of course, even though she's growing up-Draculaura and Frankie Stein are totally ghoul! So, thought I would share a few pics of my daughter's birthday with my readers. Pretty soon she will probably be writing her own fashion blog and getting more hits/better stats than dear old mom! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, the Holidays will soon be here before we know it!

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