Monday, November 19, 2012

The leaves have fallen from the trees, there is a chill in the air. Yes, it is almost Thanksgiving here in Maine. Work has been busy, but I enjoy being busy-and thankful of course that I still have a job since the employment situation here in the US still isn't wonderful. I haven't taken photos in what seems like forever... shh... don't tell hubby but I misplaced the camera! Guess I'd better find it before we head to Los Angeles for MLS Cup on the 30th! He will definitely be wanting photos of the game and the trip! I've got a few things planned for Thanksgiving, but won't be celebrating it at home-we will be heading to a friend's house for turkey Brazilian style (stuffed with bacon and all kinds of meats, and I love BACON lol) and we will hang out with friends from Brazil, El Salvador, and of course Guatemala :) I do feel guilty though about leaving my mom alone, but she hates turkey and usually makes herself something at home since she doesn't want to go anywhere. Then comes the fun of Black Friday and planning out the evening... Geez, is it only me thinking this or does Black Friday come earlier every year?!! I do have a couple of things I want to get, so if I am lucky enough to get them, great, if not...oh well... on to the next. Life is too short to be fighting over the last Wii at Walmart :) Thought I'd leave you all with a photo of hubby with his three granddaughters in Guatemala... they are getting so big and growing so quickly, just like my 2 grandsons here in Maine. "Our" daughter is almost 11 herself, and she loves being an Aunt to 5 little ones! Wishing all my readers, friends, and of course the curious that stop by from time to time a wonderful Thanksgiving! Make it special, smile, and make lots of good memories!

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