Friday, September 14, 2012

Sneakers anyone...? As in Converse/Chuck Taylor?

Ok, it may be that Back to School is over for you-but anyone with kids knows that even though the school shopping may be done-there is always something else that they need! My daughter is like that, she gets a few things before school starts and then all through the school year she is wanting something that she saw on a friend, or the latest fad, and the list goes on... One thing she has been asking for is a pair of Converse sneakers... she was mighty upset with me when her relatives in Guatemala got some cool Chuck Taylors and she didn't. Lucky for me, Kids Foot Locker has them in all the latest shades and she's informed me she wants a pair to match with each outfit. I'll see what I can do... but in the meantime Mocha Dad just started a giveaway today for 3 winners who will get a $50 gift card to Kids Footlocker so they can try out those cool Converse Chuck Taylors for themselves. Ends Sept. 23rd so be sure to get an entry in! And who knows? We just might win too! Good Luck!

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