Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Guatemalan Architechture

We took this pic this past July in San Juan Sacatepéquez where hubby's daughter lives... It was a nice ride from the city to the highlands, the views were gorgeous-if not a bit dangerous, lol... I was always thinking our car was going to plunge off the ravine with no guardrails!

The region is known for growing flowers-actually my husband's daughter is married to someone whose family business is flowers. They own two stalls in the Guatemala City Central Market, and do quite well. I just don't envy them having to drive every day to work in bumper to bumper traffic. (at least no snow, sleet, or freezing rain to slow them down!) We got there around 9 am, and the market was in full swing. Lots of gorgeous flowers, food, and veggies for sale.

I have to admit though, that I did get a few looks being blonde, but nothing out of the ordinary. Though I do think they wonder what on Earth I am doing in a truck full of Guatemalans with no other Gringos nearby. I was shocked to see the residents wearing gold jewelry and chains-something you don't do in the city if you value your life. It was explained to me that they have their own justice system, and think nothing of lynching you for being a thief. I guess the week before I was there, two women had come from the capital in the hopes of passing fake money around in the market. They were soon discovered, stripped nude, heads shaved and beaten by the crowd before the police took them away. Guess they will never show up in that town again! (and to be honest, they are lucky they made it out alive.)

One hint, this region is also known for wooden furniture. Their work is gorgeous! The closer you get to the city the higher you pay of course, but if you are willing to travel a bit and have a truck, you can score a good deal on handmade wooden furniture. I've already told hubby I'm bringing my mother in law along when the time comes for me to buy some furniture... she can bargain pretty darn good!

So if you are in the market for furniture, flowers, or a nice local market-head to San Juan Sacatepéquez where the locals are friendly and things can be had for a good price. :)

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