Friday, September 23, 2011

Heading to the Races...

In a few hours I will be spending the weekend at Loudon-NH Motor Speedway-for the NASCAR Sylvania 300 races! I was lucky enough to win a sweepstakes (by text entry of all things!) that was an All Access Weekend (pit passes, extra events, etc...) courtesy of Coors Light Beer~

Hubby loves his beer, and this time when picking up some CL for him and his buddies I noticed the promotion materials for the text to win sweepstakes and just happened to put it into my new smartphone and a day or two after the contest ended I got the call that I won.

About 5 years ago we'd gone to the races at Loudon on a very HOT July Sunday-we had a great time and it was super fun, we like going to the local races but even though I don't follow Nascar as much as I should just being there with other die hard fans and seeing the excitement of the race is a fun experience. I'm one of these people who can't watch a race on TV (although my dad did) I have to BE THERE to enjoy it.

We've got a 2 hour or a little more drive ahead of us, hubby managed to get a few hours in at work last night so he is sleeping as I write this. We will miss our 9 yr old daughter (who is staying with Grandma) but it will be a nice weekend away for us.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to have some great pics (if the camera and laptop don't give me trouble like usual) of the racing events and the race up on the blog soon. Thanks so much Coors Light (MillerCoors) I am looking forward to a great weekend ahead!

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Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations! Hope you had a blast.