Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shabby Apple Review

The first week of school here in the Northeast was brutal. High humidity and 90+ degree temperatures with NO air conditioning. My daughter so wanted to wear a dress for the first day of third grade, but it was not to be. I sent her in a tank top and shorts and she was STILL sweating.

My daughter, the Princess Diva as I call her, is into things pink, frilly and feminine. Her little friend Evan loves to see her in a dress, and personally I think she enjoys wearing them for his benefit since he always compliments her on how nice she looks. (somehow I have visions of them dancing at a prom together in 10 years lol) When I was offered to review a dress from Shabby Apple, I really had to think long and hard whether I wanted one for me, or one for my daughter. It was a hard choice, but my daughter won out. I have to admit that I found their Fit to Flatter tool very helpful in finding perfect styles for myself, and I love the fact that they offer plus sized dresses for women my size.

After much debating, Deja chose a dress called Not Your Mama's Mumu. I had to smile at the name, because I remember very well the Mumus my grandmother used to wear and while they were comfortable, they were not stylish in any way. This dress, on the other hand, is gorgeous. Stylish and elegant rolled into one-your little girl will feel like a princess wearing it. I know Deja does.

When the dress came, I let Deja take it out of the package and she was delighted to see the shiny, soft fabric and feel how comfortable it was against her skin. The dress itself is loose and gives your little one plenty of room to move around without being restrictive, like some dresses are. This fabric is almost silk-like, and in the sunlight it really shines. The great thing about this dress is that your child can wear it for a special occasion, or just because.

Shabby Apple has a really neat contest going on right now. If you've ever dreamed of being a fashion designer, now's your chance! The Dare to Design contest lets you design a Shabby Apple dress and if you win, your creation will become part of their Spring collection and you will receive a 3% royalty on each dress sold. I think that is very cool, and the perfect opportunity for someone to see their dreams come true by designing a dress for the Shabby Apple Spring Collection. The contest only goes on until October 15th, so hurry!

I also like the fact that besides women and girls dresses, Shabby Apple also has shoes and accessories that compliment their lovely styles. Their items are competitively priced and they often have great deals going on. By signing up for their newsletter, you can save 10% and if you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you can earn $25!

Check out Shabby Apple and find something you love. You won't be disappointed. A big thank you to Olivia at Shabby Apple who provided us with the opportunity to review the lovely dress my daughter received. Today was school photo day and this was the outfit my daughter wore. When I brought her in to the school gym to go to childcare this morning, several of her little girl friends were oohing and aahing when she showed up in this dress. Lucky for us, she finally let us snap a photo of her even though her eye infection still lingers on. Granted, we had to take pics far enough away so she wouldn't notice her swollen, red eyelid in the photos. We visited the doctor last night and got antibiotics, so that should help some. And if her photos don't come out good we'll be retaking them in November-but hopefully they will come out great since this dress is so pretty!

All opinions on the dress we received are mine and my daughter's-I received no other compensation for this review of the product I received. Again, thanks to the sponsor for their patience in my getting this review out.

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croquecamille said...

Looks like just the sort of shiny pink dress I would have loved as a little girl! Your daughter is very lucky!